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Stone Tea Infuser Bottle w/ sleeve

Stone Tea Infuser Bottle w/ sleeve

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These beautiful, glass, tea infuser bottles are perfect for those on the go! Each bottle holds a handful of semi-precious stones in the bottom, separated by a glass wall. Choose between Aquamarine or Citrine stones. The stainless steel, removable infuser basket is easy to use and easy to clean. Each bottle comes with a black foam sleeve with handle for bottle protection and heat guard. 

Directions for use: Place tea into stainless steel basket, pour boiling water over tea and allow to steep for appropriate time. Remove tea at your convenience. Use the black foam sleeve to guard from heat and to protect the bottle.

Hand wash only

Properties of Aquamarine ~ (blue) courage, calming, soothing, cleansing

Properties of Citrine ~ (yellow) self esteem, confidence, prosperity, creativity

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Opt to have it all put in our beautiful gift box with your choice of dried, botanical adornments, top it off with a gift tag and a personalized message and you have the perfect gift!

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