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Red Jasper | Tumbled

Red Jasper | Tumbled

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These all natural and hand polished tumbled Red Jasper crystals are 3-4 cm.  

Red Jasper is a beautiful variety of red quartz with lustrous, white layers throughout. This crystal is connected to the root chakra.This means that it can be very helpful for those who are looking to find their voice and self confidence. Red Jasper is also an amazing healing stone with the ability to ground and calm its user. With its fiery red color, Red Jasper can ignite passion and creativity to those who may have been finding life a bit dull. On the physical side, Red Jasper can be a great stone for fertility as it is connected to the Divine Feminine energy. Red Jasper is also helpful in regulating one’s blood circulation. Those who are Leos, Virgos, or Scorpios may feel especially attracted to this stone.

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