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ParTEA-in-a-Box | DIY Tea Kit for 20 people

ParTEA-in-a-Box | DIY Tea Kit for 20 people

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Create and blend your own loose leaf teas and herbal infusions for 20 people with these carefully curated teas and herbs. Each kit contains 12 organic herbs, 3 organic teas, 40 disposable, drawstring tea bags in individual, ziplock take-home bags (2 per person), 20 tea recipe cards, 20 clover honey stix and a bag of sweet stevia leaves. Each ziplock includes a place to document the ingredients included in their custom tea bags. Grab some measuring spoons, pour teas and herbs into separate, clean bowls and have a beau-TEA-ful time! * SOME TEAS CONTAIN CAFFEINE

These teas and herbs are included :

HERBS (caffeine free) * calendula petals * cardamom pods * chamomile blooms * cinnamon * ginger root * lavender blooms * lemongrass * lemon verbena * licorice root * peppermint leaves * rose hips * rose petals

TEAS * darjeeling tea (contains caffeine) * green sencha tea (contains caffeine) * red rooibos tea (contains caffeine)

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Opt to have it all put in our beautiful gift box with your choice of dried, botanical adornments, top it off with a gift tag and a personalized message and you have the perfect gift!

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