Honey & Tea Lip Balm
Honey & Tea Lip Balm
Honey & Tea Lip Balm
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Honey & Tea Lip Balm

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HONEY & TEA LIP BALM | Our signature scent of tea and honey is now available in these luxurious lip balms. These are Artisan created in Colorado with almond oil, almond butter, bees wax, tea and honey flavor oils, creating a soothing and peaceful aroma, gliding over your lips and protecting them from the elements.

* This lip balm is not tinted.

Make this a gift set and add these handcrafted options :

- Lavender Sachet | organic lavender

- Rosemary Sachet | organic rosemary

- Signature Mini Soap | bergamot and black tea

- Respiratory Herbal Steam with reusable muslin bag | organic eucalyptus, organic sage, organic juniper berries, organic thyme, organic orange peel, 

- Deluxe Bath Set | lip balm, lavender sachet, rose sachet, herbal steam with bag, mini soap

*This product does contain almond nut oil. Those that have a nut allergy, should not use this product.

~ If this is a gift, please let us know, so that a free gift tag can be added to your order. Also inform us if you have any special instructions, for example, if you want your order sent with a personalized message. 


* Interested in having these as custom party favors? Please allow 30 days for production for custom order of these lip balms.