My name is Kirsti Logan, owner and operator of the Sleepy Turtle Coffee Co, a mobile coffee shop located in and around the Colorado Springs region. I started my journey with a dream and a '74 VW bus, and now I have family all over Colorado who have joined the Sleepy Turtle movement. We may be in the coffee business, but we'd like to say we're more so in the "people" business. All of our products are fully compostable or recyclable so we can make the biggest impact on this world while leaving the smallest economic footprint possible. You see, coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is an action. When you meet a friend for coffee, you go to celebrate wins, mourn losses, incite new ideas and curate a better tomorrow. Join the Sleepy Turtle movement and wake up from your slumber; break out of that shell and start curating your better tomorrow. 
The coffee we provide at the Sleepy Turtle Coffee Co. is all organic and fair trade, carefully curated from co-op farms in regions all over the world. These beans are then locally roasted by CopperFox Coffee Roasters, here in the Springs. A portion of these proceeds go to help fight human trafficking in our world. We offer four blends, all 8oz 100% arabica wholebean. Serving size 60 cups of pure deliciousness for $15. We offer an Ethiopia Blonde, a Sulawesi Toraja Dark Roast, our house favorite Freedom Blend medium roast and a Colombia Decaf. All coffee can be ordered ground and delivered straight to you!