Hi!!! My name is Megan Bates, aka A Glitter Trail! I started this business to keep me from going crazy in the woods. We moved to Como, CO from Pittsburgh, PA just over 2 years ago. After our 3 children grew up and moved out, my husband and I were ready for a change. I was given a bag of needle felting supplies before we moved and thought, “why not give this a try!” Needle felting is a wonderful way to beat boredom, beats the heck out of roving and beats the doubts of failure. I missed plants and flowers, so I figured out a way to make them! And they won’t ever die!
Another fun fact about me is I LOVE ANYTHING THAT SPARKLES AND GLITTERS. I have made it my life mission to spread a trail of joy and kindness wherever I go. The thing is, some people don’t find glitter very joyful or kind 🤷🏼‍♀️. I hope and pray that if nothing else that just by looking at my creations, you will be filled and just a bit happier than you were before!